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Labour Intensive Paths and Road Shoulders

Road construction workers mixing Ecobond into an aggregate.

Construction of road shoulders, paths and side-walks creates employment.

Hard shoulders are an integral part of all roads and are often neglected especially in rural areas. In secondary roads only the minimum road width is provided and with the increase of mining vehicles and traffic on these roads the edges of the roads deteriorate quickly.

The road edges deteriorate further due to;

  • Light Vehicle Traffic leaving the road at drop-off/collection points.
  • Erosion of soil due to surface water (rain) especially on the downhill side of the road.
  • Damage due to loading by heavy vehicles on the unsupported edges (dominant at intersections where traffic often leaves the road to avoid stationary or slow turning vehicles.)
  • Encroachment of plants.

Road construction workers carting aggregate from a stockpile.

Edge breaks and drop-off have caused many accidents where a vehicle travelling on the hard shoulder tries to return to the road and loses control as steering is affected by the ridge.

Importing material to repair erosion is not viable for most municipal entities and will erode again and thus is not sustainable.

Constructing road shoulders from Ecobond resolves this problem and has many benefits:

  • Roads are safer without edge-breaks and drop-offs.
  • Roads last longer as moisture permeation is reduced from road side into the sublayers.
  • Reduces vegetation growth encroaching (visibility/moisture/edge-breaks/maintenance costs).
  • Prevents or reduces damage to black-top seal and base by heavy trucks driving next to edge-breaks/on wet sublayers.
  • It can create many jobs
  • is strong and durable
  • is very water resistant
  • is economical in thin layers of 30mm to 75mm or more (supported by compacted sub layers.)
  • it significantly reduces road maintenance costs.

A vibratory roller is used to compact the aggregate after mixing.

Sidewalks and bicycle or foot paths can similarly be constructed labour intensively to create many more jobs in rural or urban areas. Skills taught can be certified and trained workers can start their own franchised Ecobond businesses or help construct rural or township Ecobond paths, roads, ponds, etc.

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