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Ecobond SprayOn


An Ecobond SprayOn reduces dust and improves water resistance of roads and material dumps such as ash heaps at power stations or mine waste material.

Ecobond SprayOn chemicals are mixed with water in a spray truck and sprayed onto the aggregate surface. As the Ecobond is initially water soluble it permeates into the soil, the water then evaporates as the Ecobond hardens and a plastic-like layer is left behind in the surface. This binds the small dust particles to each other and also to the larger particles.

Water is used to transport the chemicals into the soil e.g. 4ℓ/m2 (litre/square meter) sprayed permeates 30mm deep and the penetration depth can be adjusted as required by using more or less water to permeate chemicals deeper into soil. Maintenance sprays are done at regular intervals or as needed depending on traffic volumes or type of application.

    The Ecobond SprayOn has several unique advantages:

  • It is initially water soluble and goes where the water goes into the soil. It then reacts chemically to becoming water insoluble where other products remain water soluble. It is easy and cheap to apply and does not wash away like water soluble products when it rains. This reduces re-spray costs dramatically.
  • As it is initially dissolved in the water it permeates into the weak, dusty patches much more than into the the strong, hard patches that do not need strength or do not make much dust. This further reduces the cost because the product is automatically dispersed to where it is needed most and economically provides a consistently stronger surface.
  • If the aggregate contains approximately 66% stone and 33% fines the stones do not need strengthening and the say 2% Ecobond dosage/water solution then permeates into the fines effectively becomes 6% dosage in the fines (much stronger than 2% but cheaper than 6% overall dosage), saving money on chemical purchases.
  • Re-sprays only have to be done on worn parts of the road or patches and less often. This further saves a considerable amount of money. (e.g. only 20% of entire road surface re-sprayed is 80% cheaper than the initial spray and it is done much less frequently.)
  • Re-sprays penetrate much less than the initial spray as much of the previously sprayed chemicals still are present and water insoluble. (e.g. it only permeates 10mm into initial 30mm penetration. i.e. a further 66% cheaper than the first spray.)
  • The dosage rate of re-sprays is usually lower than the initial spray, e.g. 1% instead of 3% (66% cheaper.)
  • As the Ecobond SprayOn strengthens the fines between the stones (in aggregates containing stones) truck tyres drive mostly on the stones that do not make much dust while the stones protect the Ecobond strengthened fines between and under the stones, providing a stronger and more durable road surface with less or almost no dust.
  • The above Ecobond SprayOn benefits provide effective dust prevention at low cost.

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A spray truck applying an Ecobond SprayOn on an inclined gravel road in Swaziland.Ecobond SprayOn dust control in Swaziland.