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Extend your road budget with Ecobond

‚ÄčEcobond road in a suburb.

Roads are made from crushed rock and other weathered material, Ecobond makes these aggregates better. By improving the quality of your aggregate and increasing water resistance, your roads will last longer and require less maintenance.

Ecobond improves existing road material technologies thereby making roads:

  • Water resistant (reduced permeability)
  • Elastic (increased tensile strength)
  • More Durable (increased crushing strength)
  • More temperature resistant

Techneco has been supplying the road construction industry with bitumen additives since 1999. We strive to deliver the the best quality Ecobond with great service and the shortest delivery times. Scientifically planned and designed pavements lead to better roads. Better roads have a smaller impact on the environment and provide better service to the end user. Using well known engineering standards and principles makes better roads so ask your Civil Engineer to contact us today.